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All time Best Whatsapp tricks and cheats 2017

Whatsapp which is the most popular instant messaging app for smartphones in the world with users around or more than 1 billion as of 2017. And today people started saying “I will WhatsApp you” instead saying “I’ll call or send you”. Such craze WhatsApp app has got among the internet users. We all know the WhatsApp background, I mean it was bought by Facebook in 2014 and from then it has undergone so many changes and updates that everyone has got pleased with it’s cool amazing features.(WhatsApp tricks)


These days most of the people are using WhatsApp for communicating with their near and dear. And in such case with small and simple WhatsApp tricks and cheats one can use the WhatsApp with much more ease. Below are few such very good WhatsApp hacks to know.

Best Whatsapp tricks and cheats 2017

1. Simply save mobile data

With few settings, you can actually save data usage of your WhatsApp. To lower the data usage of your Whatsapp go to settings and select the “Data usage option” and at the bottom, you can find “Low data usage”. Just check the box shown to lower your data usage.

Settings>>Data Usage>>Low data usage


2. New BroadCast message

To send any common message to some/all of your friends then “Broadcast” is a very good option.  Generally people use forward option to send the same message to many. But with the help of broadcast, you can send your own message or text your all friends at once. With the help of broadcast you can speak to many at once like you can ask any question to many people and can see their answers at once and send the right answer to all at once. This broadcast will actually avoid creating a group where all people will be seen one another.

To send a broadcast message go to options and select “New broadcast”. Then you can select all the contacts whom you want to send a common message. That’s it.

Go to options>> New broadcast


3. Unblock yourself easily

When any friend/friends block(s) you( you can sense whether your friend blocked you or not from their response to your messages) you can easily get unblocked from them by a simple trick. So to get unblocked what you’ve to do is to just delete your WhatsApp account which will wipe off your all data and then again activate(signup) Whatsapp freshly as a new user with the same number. After doing that you can find that you get unblocked from all other users.

To delete your WhatsApp account go to Settings>>Account>>Delete my account>> Enter your phone number and press “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.


4. Special characterization( WhatsApp typing tricks )

WhatsApp has got few characterization techniques to emphasize your text messages. You can easily Bold, Italicize, Change font, Strike off your text by prefixing and suffixing your text with some special characters.

To bold the text use asterisk(*):  *This is Bold* →This is Bold

To italicize the text use underscore(_):  _Italicized text_ → Italicized text

To strike through the text use tilde(~): ~Strike the text~ →  Strike the text

To change font use three grave accents(` ` `): ` ` ` Font Change ` ` `→  Font Change


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5. Send different format files

These days WhatsApp is used frequently for sharing all types of media files. So using that facility you can also send other format files like .apk, .exe, .zip etc just by changing the extension of the file to any media file format. Let’s say you want to share a .apk file with your friend. To do that append .mp3 at the end of the .apk file like .apk.mp3 then go to share option and select WhatsApp and happily share the apk file with your friend(s). Isn’t it easy?(Whatsapp tricks and cheats)


6. Group invitation links

Generally to add any members to the WhatsApp group you need to have their mobile number but now it’s not needed. By just clicking a simple link anybody can join the WhatsApp group and this would be very convenient for adding members whom you share the group link.


To create WhatsApp group link just go to group profile by clicking the group name on top and under Participants go to Add participant… and then you can find Invite to group via link, clicking which gives you a group invitation link. Share it with the people whom you want to add to that group.

7. Whatsapp doodle

WhatsApp lets you doodle on the images that you share with your friends easily. You can reply the picture messages with an emoji on it easily. To make doodles click the camera icon that you see to the right of the text box where you type the message. Capture an image or select the list of images displayed there. As soon as you select the image you can see the doodle option on top of your screen. Select whichever tools you want to doodle on the image. That’s cool.


8. Use your local language on WhatsApp

WhatsApp lets you conversate with your friends in your local language. Based on your location WhatsApp gives you an option to select your language of communication. For instance, if you are an Indian you’ll be given a list of all popular languages spoken in India.

To select your WhatsApp language go to Settings>>Chats>>App Language>> Select the language you want 



9. Email entire conversation

There is an option in WhatsApp to share your conversation through Email. A .txt file of your conversation along with time is created whenever you want to Email any conversation.


To Email your chat go to Settings>>Chats>>Chat history>>Email Chat>>Select the contact/group>>Select with/without media>>Takes you to your Email and then you can just send the chat. 

Note: In the first part of the image tick is marked on Contacts, but it should be on Chats

10.Send Blank message

Generally, when you don’t type anything in the WhatsApp you cannot find the Send button. But with help of the ASCII codes you can have empty space nothing but one character and that can be sent in any social network meaning blank message visually.

ASCII code 255 gives empty space character. Press Alt+255 (Numpad) =(  ) gives you empty space character on your PC, you can copy that and paste it in the WhatsApp and sending which shows a blank message.
If you’re not able to do that you can use an app called: Send Blank Empty SMS to send blank messages on WhatsApp

11. Save selected messages in WhatsApp

In any conversations in WhatsApp if you like any message or any post you can simply save it by STARing it. All the starred messages can be seen at one place from the options menu.  To STAR a message long press the message, then you can observe a menu on top with different icons. Among them select the star to STAR the message. You can access all the starred messages from options menu>>Starred messages


12. Reply to a specific message in the WhatsApp

During group conversatons it becomes difficult to understand whose message is reply for whom. To simplify that just long press the any message that you wish to reply and a top menu appears there, among those icons select the left curved arrow(right curved arrow leads to forward option) and start typing the message and send. Then your message will be shown as the reply to the selected message.


13. See how many read your group message

In group conversations double tick marks are not shown to all the messages (shown only for specific replies) because everybody might see or not or whom the message was intended. So to see how many have read your message just long press the message to see top menu bar with different icons, select encircled “i” to see the list of people who read/received your message.


Note: Few options in your WhatsApp may not available, in such case it’s recommended to check your WhatsApp update 2017. By using @ symbol on WhatsApp you can mention the people names in group conversations.

The above listed WhatsApp tricks are the most commonly useful tips to many users. If you have any other problems in WhatsApp we’ll be ready to give you a solution or tweak to solve it. Hope you liked this Best Whatsapp tricks and cheats 2017. Don’t forget to drop your opinion/suggestions at Techstext.com.

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  1. Cool, these tips are really useful.

  2. Hi,

    These whatsapp tricks are really cool and I’m gonna try them each one by one.


  3. Basharath bhai…
    I have tried many times earlier that unblock trick but I haven’t found it worked…
    Mind helping me with that???

    • Basharath

      Tell me are you backing up your data from the cloud or any offline source whenever you’re signing up again? If you do such you’ll not be unblocked.

      See you. Stay tuned!

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