Gate Counseling – Dates, Procedure, Fees


GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a national level examination conducted throughout India by IISc (Indian Institute of Science) & IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) on behalf of Department of Higher Education, National Coordination Board – DATE, and MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development), Government of India. The GATE …

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10 Mind blowing features of PowerPoint to Edit Images


Hello folks! This time we’re here with some interesting Powerpoint tips and tricks. Generally PowerPoint is meant for creating presentations in the form of slides. But if you observe the features of PowerPoint from its beginning to the present day, it has undergone tremendous changes. Now it’s not only used …

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6 Interesting and amazing Facts to Know


Generally everybody will be interested in reading facts depending on their choice of subject. Today we have got here a list of 6 quite interesting and amusing facts which probably you might not know. These are the more general ones not confined to one subject or one category. You can …

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Top 10 highest giga pixel Images


We all wonder at the resolution of visually wonderful images or videos that we see in the movies. Really they will be of high clarity. Do you know how much their resolution could be? You may really wonder if you look at their actual resolution . Its less than 32 …

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List of Best Chatbots to Converse with


Social networking sites are the most commonly visited sites by the netizens. We all are very much acquainted with the terms chatting , likes and shares. Recently we have seen an article about Captcha and its different types. In that article while understanding the use of Captcha, there was a …

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