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How to see devices connected to wifi using cmd ,software and smartphone ?

These days among the sources of Internet, Wi-Fi stands at the Top. The reason is its portable, can provide network access to a number of devices, easy to connect and other reasons. So that it’s used in most of the public places, Institutes, Offices and at many places.
When we connect to the Wi-Fi along with our device there might be some other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi. We want to know who are connected to the wifi if we a have personal Wi-Fi connection to see who are stealing it or if we are using a public Wi-Fi to see who else are using the same Wi-Fi may be your friends, Or any other.
There are many ways to find out the Devices which are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Among them here we are going to see few easy , different methods to quickly find the devices connected to Wi-Fi.

How to see devices connected to Wifi?

Using Computer:

1.Using Command Prompt in Windows (CMD):

For this you need to be connect to the same network with your computer to which you want to find out the devices connected.

First press “Wind + R” and then type cmd, press Enter and your Command Prompt opens.

Command 1:

The first Basic command is > net view

This gives you a list of devices connected to the wifi with their PC name.

Using this command you only get PC names of connected devices.

Command 2:

Command is > arp -a

This command gives you a list of all devices connected to the Wi-Fi with their IP address and MAC address along with their state (dynamic / static). Using this command, name of the PC is not shown.

Command 3:

Command > netstat –ano
This command helps you know whether someone else is using your PC or looking what you are doing.
When you enter the command in the command window in “state” column you find “Established” it means someone has entered your PC, for that just see the PID number beside “state”  column, note down that PID and go to task manager and to the Details tab. There you can find PID column if you see the same PID present there which you’ve noted  you can confirm that somebody entered your PC. (Note: Sometimes you find “Established” in state column of CMD window that is because when some applications of Your PC (like browser) use Internet you get “Established”). Generally most of the times you find “established” , whenever you get doubt you should check for the same PID in task manager and confirm.

2.Using Software:

There are many softwares available to find the devices using the same internet connection.
Among them “Advanced IP Scanner” is a good one. It’s available for free which comes with lots of features.
To look at the devices connected to the wifi using Advanced IP Scanner just enter the IP address of the router and press Scan. That’s it you get the list of devices connected to the wifi.



Highlights of Advanced IP Scanner are:

  1. Can scan hundreds of IP addresses simultaneously at high speed
  2. If you’re a admin this helps you shut down any remote machine or group of machines running a Windows     operating.
  3. There is the opportunity to run quick commands (ping, tracert, telnet and SSH) on a selected computer.
  4. More over this has simple User friendly interface.

Click here  to download Advanced IP scanner.

Using Mobile Phone:

Everyone are using Wi-Fi mostly in the mobile phones having Android, IOS, Windows or any other operating system.So to find out the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi using mobile phone there is a simple way that is downloading an App available for all platforms.
The App is FING which is pretty good. It provides most of the information about the devices connected to the Wi-Fi.

It shows IP address ,MAC Address of the Device , Offline or online ,Device manufacturer and if your mobile is a rooted one then you can do lot of other stuff using this FING app. It’s very good App to see the list of connected devices to the Wi-Fi.

To download FING from Playstore Click here.
So these are the different and easy methods to see the devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi. If you have any other such simple methods then do let us know we’ll post here. If you’ve liked this article then give us a share and a like. If you have any doubts ask us through comment box.

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  1. Hey thanks for this!
    But he command netstat -ano gives so many ”established” as well as ”listening” in ”state” column.
    What is the reason?
    Please tell!

  2. thanks
    by the way how the can i disconnect one of the computers in connected to the wifi

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