How to use windows speech recognition ?


Most of us are acquainted with the method of using Windows computer with mouse and keyboard but there is one more method of operating it, that is with your mouth. When you looked at the phrase “Operating PC with voice” what did you get in your mind? Most probably I …

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How to type ASCII Characters / Special characters using Keyboard

Generally Symbols like ♥ (heart), ☺ (Smile), ²(Square) ,♂(male), π (pi)…etc. are not present on the keyboard. When you are writing something related to Mathematics in MS-Word you will have the chance to pick up or insert mathematical symbols like π (pi), Σ (Sigma), Θ(Theta), α(alpha) but when you move to the other word editors you will not have the chance to insert those symbols with ease.

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How To Create Clipart In Photoshop ?


Clipart is an image without any extra background (may be transparent) which is easy to paste on any image or file so that it gives a real look. Cliparts will find great use when you want to change background of your photo then if you have a clip art of …

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Gate Counseling – Dates, Procedure, Fees


GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a national level examination conducted throughout India by IISc (Indian Institute of Science) & IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) on behalf of Department of Higher Education, National Coordination Board – DATE, and MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development), Government of India. The GATE …

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